Classic Teams is being replaced by New Teams!

Posted by Admin on Feb 7, 2024 03:57:00 PM

Quick update on Microsoft Teams… a hub for collaboration and communication, Microsoft Teams has evolved significantly. The new Teams app brings enhanced performance, reliability, and features. But what about classic users? Fear not! Microsoft has a seamless plan to transition classic Teams users to the new experience, if you’re not already using it!

Key Points

  1. Automatic Update Date: After March 31, 2024, any classic Teams users who haven’t already updated will be automatically upgraded to the new Teams. This ensures that everyone benefits from the latest capabilities.
  2. Exclusion: The automatic update does not apply to Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) users. Classic Teams for VDI will reach end of support on June 30th, 2024.
  3. Why the Change?: The new Teams app is reimagined, offering improved performance, memory efficiency, and support for multi-tenant scenarios. It’s up to two times faster and uses 50% less memory.
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